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Step 1: Senders enter the transfer amount and the bank account information of Vietnamese receivers.

Step 2: Senders use VisaCard, MasterCard,JCB issued by banks all over the world to make payment for the transfer amount on the payment screen of Online Payment Gateway.

Step 3: KiềuHố receives the amount and immediately transfer it to the receiver’s bank account, without charging any kind of other fees..

Step 4: KiềuHố send notification to sender’s email address as soon as the money has been transferred to receiver’s bank account.

Transfer Money to Viet Nam! Choose KiềuHố

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Offer the fastest way to transfer money online to Vietnam for families and friends. Be convenient, secure and Instant. Money will be transferred immediately to any bank account.


Best Transfer Fees & Commissions

Offer the lowest possible costs, transfer fees and commissions. No other fees are payable to receivers.

Multi- Card Payment Acceptance

Accept multi- card payment methods via VisaCard, MasterCard, JCB issued by banks from all over the world.

Safe & Secure

Be sponsored by - the pioneer online payment gateway in Vietnam, licensed officially by Vietnam State Bank. Comply closely with international security standards.

Support money transfer from 6 countries all over the world

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